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BearFish Sports Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy focused on enabling our clients to harness the full potential of partnerships spanning the world’s most influential sports and entertainment brands.

Global Marketing and Sponsorship Strategy

Strategic Partnership Activations

Commercial Strategies and Solutions

Holistic Communications Services from Creative to Launch

Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation

Creative Conception and Innovation

Sponsorship Proposal Evaluation

Ticket Management

Market and Research Analysis

Brand Building

Accreditation Management

Guest Management

Our collective expertise is unique and covers all sides of the business; corporate marketing, marketing, and PR agencies and properties from the world over.

We are passionate and innovative about what we do; helping clients to drive business and making our partners stand out.

We are cost-efficient, independent, fluid, and flexible to work within our client’s requirements and across different time zones.

At a glance

how we can help you to grow

Let our industry expertise, global connections and years of commercial sponsorship experience help you to propel your brand to the next level.​

We focus

on evaluating and negotiating commercial partnerships between clients and rights holders to get you the best deal

We offer

unparalleled industry expertise with 30 years’ experience under our belt

We open doors

to the key decision-makers in high-profile organizations, brands, teams and leagues

We are globally

connected to the world of sport and possess vast industry knowledge

We are always

on top of the latest trends, pricing, and opportunities to bring you the most relevant and timely counsel

We are there

to manage sponsorship opportunities from beginning to end for our clients

Offering unparalleled advice, connections and industry expertise

Consultancy Services and Counsel

It’s about who you know

In the sponsorship world, it’s as much about who you know as what you know, and with unparalleled industry experience, BearFish can open doors to some of the key players in the world of sport and to large brands organizations, teams and leagues.


With a focus on evaluating and negotiating lucrative commercial partnerships between clients and rights holders (a.k.a. getting you the best deal), BearFish offers end-to-end support with everything from sponsorship and partnership strategy to negotiating contracts and event management.

Brands reaching brands

Maybe you are a brand with a wishlist of other brands that you’d like to work with, but don’t know how to reach them. Or maybe you’re just starting to think about partnerships and you’re not sure strategic direction to take.

Merchandise Opportunties

Baseball Caps, Cap boxes, bucket hats and more to come…